Belgrade is definitely one of the up growing tourist destinations for past few years. What attracts a large number of tourists are low prices, a large number of attractive locations, natural beauty as well as a night life that Belgrade is known for!

For this reason, there is always a demand for quality accommodation in Belgrade. The solution is- apartments for short term rentals! There are also known as „daily rent apartments“. You should forget all about too expensive hotel rooms (or motels as well). Now there are apartments you can rent per day! And the best thing is, they are way cheaper than hotel rooms and much better equipped. In each and every apartment are available sleeping area, kitchen  (with all amenities) and bathroom. Price depends on the structure and the equipment of the apartment, but on location as well!

Belgrade apartments ie apartments for short term rentals are the most popular form of accommodation in the capital of Serbia! Let us present you the very best daily rent apartments according to guest reviews. Here are Top 10 Belgrade apartments:


Apartment Talija is located in the heart of Belgrade, in Cika Ljubina street. You may not have heard about this street, but you should know that it is parallel with the most famous pedestrian zone in Belgrade – Knez Mihailova street! It is tha main street in Belgrade where is located significant number of famous restaurants, coffe shops and one mall. If you choose apartment Talija you will be placed in the epicenter of all city events! And now a few words about the apartment. Apartment Talija is modernly designed, beautifully decorated, functional and predicted to accommodate up to 6 people. It is beautifuly designed- sleeping area is up on the gallery, living room is very spacious and here you can relax after a long day and fully equipped kitchen is separated from the rest of the space. Apartment Talija is what you think of when you are looking for the perfect apartment for short term rentals in Belgrade!


If you are looking for luxurios „apartment per day“ in Belgrade, we present you apartment Peki! This apartment is located near by Saint Sava Temple in the most beautiful part of Belgrade. Apartment Peki is very spacious an luxuriously decorated. It is intended for all guests who are hedonists and who enjoy luxury. This Belgrade apartment offers its guest a spa-like experience with its turkish bathroom and sauna, as well as its warm, comfortable ambiance. It can accommodate up to 4 people. If you are in need of a place to relax, and enjoy yourself, apartment Peki is the choice for you.

Sunshine DT

This daily rent apartment is very light and spacious, and can accommodate up to six guests. The location of the apartment Sunshine Dt is one of the reasons why it is so popular with guests- it is located in the city center, in quiet neighborhood, near by National Assembly. It consists of a living room with a large sofa bed, kitchen and dining room and bathroom as well. Near the apartment there is a large number of famous Belgrade restaurants where you can enjoy can enjoy specialties of the national cuisine. Sunshine Dt is an ideal apartment for families or tourists seeking accommodation close by of all city events.

Urban Oassis

Daily rent apartment Urban Oassis is located in the very center of Belgrade, in pedestrian zone, just a few steps from Knez Mihailova street and Kaleegdan fortress. It is perfectly suited to accommodate up to 2 people! This apartment is loved by couples who enjoy luxury by very low prices. Urban Oassis is spacious and functional, modernly designed and bright apartment for short term rentals. It consists of a very nicely decorated living room, then a separate bedroom with a comfortable double bed, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom! It represents an ideal apartment in the heart of Belgrade.

One Business

One Business is another name for luxury! Namely, this completely new and renovated apartment consists of spacious jakuzzi where you can enjoy yourself (or with someone) after a long and exhausting day. Just imagine a tub filled with hot water and bubbles where you can relax- its called perfection, and you can have it all in apartment One Business. Location cannot be better- Cika Ljubina street, only 30 steps from Knez Mihailova street. With this apartment you can really have it all, perfect location and even better accommodation!


For every guest who wants to be accommodate in Knez Mihailova street, there is a perfect choice- apartment Monument! By its structure- it is one bedroom apartment and it consists of a spacious room that contains pull out couch that can be bed for 2 people, double bed that can be pulled out from the wall and it is also for 2 people. There is also fully equipped kitchen and bathroom with a shower. Apartment Monument is perfectly designed and beatifully decorated. It is one of the most popular apartments in Belgrade because it represents perfect price / quality ratio!


Apartment Dorijan is modernly designed, fully equipped and functional. It is predicted to accommodate up to 4 people. When we are talking about Belgrade apartments for families, we must mention apartment Dorijan because it is perfect for families with children, but for couples as well. It is just a few steps away from Kalemegdan fortress, pedestrian zone Knez Mihailova street and bohemian quarter Skadarlija where you can experience a night life of Belgrade.


Apartment Betty is apartment for short term rental in which you are going to feel like at home! What distinguishes it from others is a warm and pleasant atmosphere for which you will want to return every next time! And you will not regret. Apartment Betty is fully equipped both for shorter and longer stay for up to 5 people. It is located in pedestrian zone, Marsala Birjuzova street, just a few minutes from Knez Mihailova street.


In very quiet and peaceful neighborhood, nearby King Aleksandar Boulevard is located apartment Bulevar. It is distinguished by light colors, modern furniture and comfort. Also, there is a parking space included in price of the daily rent. Apartment Bulevar is suited up for pleasant stay of 4 people. If you are looking for a place near the city center, and yet isolated from every noise, daily apartment Bulevar is your right choice!


The best representative of the New Belgrade apartments is apartment Mentor! The apartment is arranged so that every detail is taken care of! It consists of: kitchen, living room, bedroom, terrace and bathroom and it can accommodate up to 4 people. There is a shopping centar Delta City nearby, as well as numerous restaurants an popular coffe shops.