How to get rid of cigarette smell from clothes, fabrics and your home
How to get rid of cigarette smell from clothes, fabrics and your home

Smoking is provenly bad for health and it’s a dangerous smelly addiction, which should be avoided at all costs. However, cigarettes are still present all over the world and the fight to get rid of tobacco smoke is still strong.

Maybe you moved into a new home or bought a car in which the previous owner smoked? Or did you let your friends light one or two inside because you were uncomfortable telling them you don’t smoke and they have to go outside?

While we are waiting for a smoking prohibition, we are left with a constant problem – how to get rid from cigarette smell on clothes and how to remove it from our homes? This can be a problem whether you are a smoker or your family members, or you just had guests who are cigarette lovers.

Tobacco smoke not only endangers your health, but with its unpleasant smell, it seeps into clothes, furniture, and curtains. There is simply no doubt that cigarettes have an unpleasant smell, whether your home is smoking friendly or not, even with all the effort to ventilate and not smoke in all rooms, this unpleasant odor is difficult to hide and remove.

However, with a few tips and tricks on how to get rid from cigarette smell on clothes and fabrics, even natural home remedies can be the solution and answer to the question of how to remove the smell of cigarettes, as well as choosing good home appliances.

You already have most of these miraculous ingredients at home, but you don’t know that they successfully absorb unpleasant odors from the household.

Here are some ways:

Put your clothes on the radiator

Put the clothes on the radiator and let them stand for at least three hours, preferably overnight, if they are warm. The heat will draw out the smoke better than if your wardrobe “airs” all night on the terrace. Your clothes will in the morning be completely odor-free.

Sprinkle fabrics with baking soda

Sprinkle baking soda on any fabric – clothes, furniture, or carpets and leave it on overnight. It has the ability to absorb the stench of smoke, as well as any other odor that creeps into your home. The next day, simply vacuum or shake out those surfaces. If the odor is still present, repeat the procedure. Baking soda is completely safe to use on any surface.

Clean walls and ceilings with ammonia

You can treat walls and ceilings with ammonia mixed with water (or any ammonia-based cleaner). People often neglect these parts of the room, and it is on them that the layers of smoke are most deposited. If ammonia doesn’t help, you’ll still have to paint the room again. The new color will cover the old one that has absorbed the smell of smoke and the problem should be solved.

Steam fabrics with vinegar

Although vinegar itself does not have a pleasant smell, it is effective on clothes and fabrics that feel like cigarette smoke. Add a cup of vinegar to a bowl of hot water and hang the clothes over it to steam. This should help remove the odor. Vinegar also works in the house if you fill the containers with it and place them in the rooms in your home.

Use charcoal or cat litter

All you have to do is place containers filled with charcoal or cat litter in rooms that smell like smoke or in a car for a few days. Charcoal and cat litter will very successfully remove the stench of cigarettes from space.

Wrap clothes with lavender bags

Cigarette smoke is drawn into everything, clothes, hair, shoes, furniture, curtains… To quickly freshen up a scarf, gloves, or hat, leave them outdoors to air out, and then wrap them together with those bags of fresh lavender, which are placed in closets. You will refresh your bags if you put a couple of coffee beans in your pocket, the unpleasant smell will disappear very quickly.

Chop some apples

Halve the apple in half and leave it where the smell of smoke should be extracted. In addition, your home will smell of apples, which comes as a kind of bonus.

Use a steam cleaner

Just as walls and ceilings absorb tobacco smoke, so do floors, especially if they are carpeted. For that, it is good to have a steam cleaner, with which you will deeply clean the carpets and get rid of unpleasant odors.