How to find a boyfriend
How to find a boyfriend

One of the most searched terms on the internet is “how to find a boyfriend?” It can be frustrating to be a single woman looking for a quality partner in life. Sometimes it looks like you’d sooner find gold in a river of Mississippi, than a normal man. The more you want to find a boyfriend, the more hopeless you can become. And the more hopeless you are, the less likely you are to find it. In short – one vicious circle.

We have some tips and tricks on how to find a boyfriend. Don’t worry. You won’t need to learn to juggle. Everything you need is already in you. 

Be self-confident 

Even if you feel hopeless and lonely, you need to work on yourself and your self-confidence. It takes time, and if you don’t have enough self-confidence, realize that you need to work on it. Men like women who are full of self-confidence because they know that such a woman knows how to take care of herself. A woman who is self-confident does not need a man, but she wants him in her life.

A confident woman is a sexy woman. It is desirable and worth the effort and energy to win.

Here are some ways to have stronger self-confidence, which will help you find the guy you want:

  • Smile to yourself in the mirror. Every time you see your reflection in the mirror, tell yourself that you are beautiful.
  • Wear a wardrobe in which you feel the best, even when you go to the nearest store.
  • Walk upright and observe your posture.

Take your time

You want to know how to find a boyfriend as soon as possible, but you have to know that it takes patience. We know that’s not what you want to hear, but also know that the guy you want to be with is “out there.” But maybe now, at this moment, he is not emotionally ready to connect with you. Maybe he is currently in a relationship with a woman next to whom he will understand what he wants and what he doesn’t. And maybe you’re not fully ready for a relationship, right now.

Remember that when the right time comes, it will happen. Everything in YOUR time.

If you “forcefully” try to find love, you will spend a lot of energy regretting that there is no real boyfriend for you. And how will that “help” you?

Therefore, slow down. Learn to accept the fact that sometimes you will be alone. And yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being alone. Accept it and enjoy it.

Enjoy your life

All right, let’s talk a little bit about the fact that there’s nothing wrong with being alone. We know it sounds contradictory, but keep reading.

It is a bit shocking how uncomfortable people feel today because they are alone.

Don’t you feel uncomfortable because you read this?

Somewhere along the way, humanity has decided that the only way to give someone value is how much a person is surrounded by other people or whether they are in a relationship. Because, who are you, if there is no one nearby to tell you how amazing you are? Really?

You’re amazing and you don’t need a boyfriend to prove it to anyone. But, maybe you need to change your way of thinking, and even some habits, so that you don’t sit idly by and because of that, you feel lonely.

The best way to find a boyfriend is – not to be constantly looking for him. Live your life. Be active. Do the things you love. And then, when you probably least expect it, something good will happen. You may meet a guy in a store, maybe on an online dating site, or at a coffee shop in the corner. But, you will not find it, if you constantly sit at home and do nothing about it.

Be open for opportunities

As we wrote above, you can meet a guy almost anywhere.

  • He may be the guy who asked you what book you were reading while sitting in the park.
  • He could be the guy who approached you at the disco and started hanging out with you.
  • He could be the guy who sent you a compliment based on your photos, on a dating site.
  • He could also be your brother’s or cousin’s best friend.

What you may notice is that, in all of these scenarios, you need to be open to a variety of occasions. But that won’t happen if you just sit at home. Yes, online dating is one way to find a boyfriend, but remember, it’s just one of the tools for meeting new people.

You’ll have to meet a lot of men until you find a right one

Dating is not for those who have weak nerves. Sometimes you need to invest a lot of effort and time – to go on many dates, to talk to them, to repeat your story, and to be ready to endure it all. You may sometimes get bored of thinking “Ah, another date, which I have to get ready for, even though I know it’s probably none of that.”

But look at it this way: remember the last time you looked for a job. You probably had to invest a lot of time and energy to flip through each job ad, read it in detail and apply for the job you like. After that, you had a couple of interviews and only one of them was successful, after which you got a job offer.

I assume you understand better now what we’re talking about?

It takes commitment to meet new people. You can’t just dedicate 10 minutes a week to that, and then raise your hands and say “there’s no real boyfriend for me!”

You have to be willing to commit to it. And that takes time. As well as emotional energy. There will be days when you may want to give up and that’s ok. But understand that today anyone can give up and that there are few who do not give up. That is why the rare find the rare. When you have a day like this, rest. Spend time alone or with your friends and don’t think too much about how to find a boyfriend. Dedicate yourself to it, when you are ready for it.

And, if you’re not ready to commit to it, don’t expect results either.

Be open when you go to date

One of the very common mistakes that women make today is that they do not give men a chance. This happens very often on online dating sites, where a first impression means a lot. But, in reality, some men are not so photogenic and do not know how to make good profile photos or do not know how to make a profile with an interesting description and biography that will be attractive. Know that if you judge them for it, you may miss the chance to meet interesting guys.

Well, even if the first meeting doesn’t go the way you wanted and imagined, know that you never know what will happen with that new acquaintance. It can often happen that the first “love meeting” does not end with a love affair, but that a quality friendship is born from it.

And because of that, you should think about giving men a chance.


One of the best things about being solo is that you can flirt, when you want, how much you want and with whom you want. Flirting not only raises your, but also the self-confidence of the man you are flirting with, and with all that, you get better the more you flirt. And if you didn’t know, flirting is good for health because it raises the number of white blood cells and in that way, you strengthen your immune system.

Even if you don’t intend for the guy who works at the bar to be your future boyfriend, you will both feel good if you flirt a little. Plus, chances are you get a drink on the “house bill”.

Ask yourself why do you want to have a boyfriend

You spent a lot of energy finding a boyfriend, but did you wonder why you wanted him at all? Is it maybe because you don’t want to be lonely anymore? Maybe because you want to spend weekends and free time with someone? To make her ex-boyfriend jealous?

Or is it…

Because you’ve reached that point in life when you feel ready to be a good partner? Because you want a partner you can grow a relationship with? Because you are ready to dedicate all your love to just one man?

The other part of the question you just read is quite legitimate. But if you are completely honest with yourself and agree that the first part of the question is one of the reasons why you want to have a boyfriend, it would be best to do a little research on those reasons. Being alone does not mean the end of the world. What’s more, it can be completely fulfilling, if you know how to organize yourself. If you want a more tumultuous life, start moving more, alone or with friends, or meet new friends. If you have a need for sex, try to channel your sexual energy to other things – sports, hobbies, art, etc., or find an alternative method…

And if you want to make your ex-boyfriend jealous – grow up. I believe you can do better than that.

Be brave

If you “dropped out” of the game because you’ve been single again for almost a while, starting to see and meet new people again can seem a bit “scary”. But one thing you need to know: if you’re not willing to be brave and take risks, how to find a boyfriend is a question you’ll just ask yourself even more often.

Registering for free on a dating site is “very scary”, isn’t it? But ask yourself – what can you lose? And even if you’re just there to take a look and see what’s there, you never know when you may meet and in that way, you can practice your correspondence skills.

If you see a guy you like in a club or cafe, gather courage and approach him. Don’t be afraid of rejection because he makes you a gentleman – he will never uncultured refuse and use it against you. Anyway, you don’t know if you’ll see it again unless your approach works. Try it, because you can’t lose anything. With the right man, you can only get a BIG plus.

If a man approaches you and asks you for a number, it doesn’t mean you will marry him. If he suggests you go for coffee or a drink, remember that’s just it. Or dinner. Whatever. You don’t sign anything and everything is optional.

So be brave and allow yourself to try things you may never have thought you would do.

All in the name of love!