Which horoscope sign is the best in bed?
Which horoscope sign is the best in bed?

Did you ever wonder which horoscope sign is the best in bed? Zodiac signs have different sensibilities and sexual preferences, so this is a great opportunity to find out where your partner’s main erogenous zones are, and then it will be much easier for you to seduce him and drag him to bed. Let’s see!


Woman: Aries women are passionate and they enjoy hot hugs and give themselves without prejudice. They like to dominate and lead an erotic game, expecting a man to be resilient and to follow her pace, while she scratches and bites in ecstasy. If a man is not ready for rough sex, he will quickly lose interest or simply run away. In her youth, Aries’ woman is not attached to only one partner, she seeks challenges. When she finds the right one, in maturity, she surprises and captures the erotic attention of this partnership with her erotic skills.

Man: Energetic and tireless in bed. No time for a long foreplay. He is attracted to everything that is shocking and forbidden. If you want to win this sexual game, get rid of prejudice and do not promise what you are ashamed of. You will keep him interested if you always have something new to offer in bed.

Erogenous zones: run your fingers through their hair and bite their ear, they will have a sweet shiver.

Ideal sexual partner: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius.


Woman: Sensual and secretly erotic. She likes long foreplay, and she is especially sensitive to kisses in the neck area. Over the years, she becomes aware of her sexuality, freer and more passionate. Taurus woman has a pronounced sense of taste, enjoys kisses, but she also loves oral sex. In his mature years, she skillfully leads an erotic game and knows how to awaken her partner’s imagination. While quietly resists, at the same time she provokes a man, showing great erotic knowledge.

Man: He seduces slowly, but does not give up on the woman who attracts him. He is sensitive and understands the erotic needs and feelings of his partner. He likes classic poses, but also won’t refuse to try something new. Seduce him slowly. He will give you security and a lot of enjoyment.

Erogenous zones: Passionate kisses in the neck and under the ears will awaken a volcano of passion in them.

Ideal sexual partner: Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces.


Woman: Seductive, charming, free-spirited, she doesn’t like to be limited by her partner. She enjoys a range of erotic games, from verbal courtship, lascivious whispers to provocative behavior. Imaginative, curious, she retains a youthful spirit even in her mature years, which is why men do not forget her. Always different, ready for different experiments to get pleasure.

Man: Intelligent, witty, interesting. Gemini man does not suit a partner who expects a serious relationship. Next to him, the future is uncertain, but the present is fun. He enjoys making love in front of a mirror, with the lights on. He loves diversity.

Erogenous zones: Kissing the inner part of an arm, from the hand to the armpit, arouses lust.

Ideal sexual partner: Leo, Libra, Aquarius.


Woman: Sensual and shy. She needs to be convinced of her partner’s sincerity in order to indulge in erotica. She is won over by compliments, and she relaxes with a long foreplay and kissing her breasts. Shyness disappears with maturity. When she gains life experience and self-confidence, she becomes more sensual and sexual. She enjoys gentle caresses and reciprocates her partner. She loves kisses. Cancer women can have an orgasm by kissing. She is rejected by rude and intrusive men who want quick sex.

Man: Sentimental, changeable mood, and eager for proof of love. As he is insecure, he is delighted when he has the impression that he is more experienced than his partner. He enjoys revealing the mysteries of sex to his partner. He loves long foreplay and then strives to meet the needs of his partner.

Erogenous zones: Caressing breasts and nipples with fingertips is a real stimulant.

Ideal sexual partner: Taurus, Virgo, Pisces.


Woman: Dominant and dignified. She expects the man to court her, admire her, adore her and shower her with attention. When passions awaken, she is fiery and reacts violently. She enjoys kisses in the thigh area. She loves to make love in front of a mirror and at the same time her partner admires her body and sexual skills. Leo woman likes a dominant position and leads the pace. In maturity she is demanding, she is excited by the role of mistress.

Man: Confident, generous, fiery, but vulnerable. It is easy to win him by flattery. He expects his chosen one to always be in the mood for sex. The foreplay is short but enduring. It excites him when a woman is submissive in sex when she loses control and screams.

Erogenous zones: They will relax if you lightly run your fingertips and nails along their back.

Ideal sexual partner: Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius.


Woman: Serious, unobtrusive, measured, both in life and in sex. She is rejected by aggressive men. She first analyzes and only when her partner gains her trust is she ready for erotic contact. Before sex, she suggests a joint shower or bath. She is relaxed if her need for cleanliness is fulfilled. She will enjoy it if her partner gently caresses and kisses the area around her navel.

Man: Thoughtful, gentle, and considerate. He is not a romantic type, he is courting simply and studying a woman’s behavior before approaching her. He is not prone to vulgar outbursts of passion, as in the sex manual. He will ask the woman what she wants and satisfy her.

Erogenous zones: Kisses around the waist will make them shiver with desire.

Ideal sexual partner: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn.


Woman: Subtle, elegant, and seductive. Over the years, she becomes more and more feminine and begins to enjoy the act of sex more than the game of seduction. She is rejected by messy and aggressive men. She wants a well-groomed and elegant partner. She makes a show out of sex. She will appear in provocative underwear, waiting to see her man’s reaction. Seduces by light removal with provocative body movements. 

Man: Charming, seductive, likes to win. He is attracted to elegant, refined women. He enjoys long foreplay and doesn’t want his partner to rush him. He strives to satisfy his partner and is ready to make love all night until he brings her to the climax. He likes a classy ambiance.

Erogenous zones: They will be aroused by circular movements and the touch of the fingers on the buttocks.

Ideal sexual partner: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius


Woman: Sexy, radiates a strong erotic charge. It attracts men by walking, smiling, looking. Energetic follows the instinct of body and heart. The sexiest woman of the Zodiac. She wants a strong and resilient man. It seems restrained, but there are no prejudices and restrictions in the bedroom. In her youth, she quickly becomes aware of her sexuality and explores the limits of pleasure, and in adulthood, she fully lives. She wears black sexy lingerie, high heels, mini skirts.

Man: Passionate, unpredictable, masculine, provides unimaginable pleasure. Jealous and perverted. He has a hard time controlling his sexual energy, he needs a woman ready for surprises and challenges. In ecstasy, he bites, pinches, and suddenly penetrates the woman.

Erogenous zones: The most sensitive part is the genitals, it also reacts to light touch.

Ideal sexual partner: Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces.


Woman: Open, honest, sociable, with a strong sense of humor. She talks openly about sex and boldly embarks on exciting erotic adventures. In her youth, she experiments, in maturity she appreciates quality relationships, in which, in addition to sex with her partner, she cultivates friendship. Sagittarius woman enjoys making love outdoors, under the open sky. She needs freedom and contact with nature. She enjoys passionate caresses and kisses on her hips and thighs, but also on her hair.

Man: A cheerful, interesting interlocutor, he wants to fall in love, but he is afraid of getting closer. He primarily values ​​personal freedom. The game of conquest and foreplay excites him more than the act of tradition itself. He loves erotic games, especially mutual body-to-body massage.

Erogenous zones: Kisses on the inside of the thighs are a tide of passion.

Ideal sexual partner: Aries, Leo, Aquarius.


Woman: Restrained, cold, and distant at first glance. Beneath the icy surface lies a volcano of passion that erupts with age. She reaches full sexual maturity in middle age. Then she is confident and has no fear of rejection. A handful of pleasure awaits a man who penetrates her sexual nature. She loves prolonged lovemaking and needs a resilient man. Not for long foreplay but a fiery contact.

Man: Serious, successful, faithful, provides security. He is attracted to intelligent women from whom he expects more than sex – reliability, and support. He has great sexual energy and is ready to lead his partner to orgasm. He is resilient, he will persevere until he satisfies her.

Erogenous zones: Massage of the lower part of the spine awakens suppressed erotic fire.

Ideal sexual partner: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio.


Woman: Friendly, open, intelligent, creative. She is looking for an ideal partner and relationship, which is why she is prone to research in her youth. In middle age, she is more aware of her own qualities and indulges in sex with pleasure. She is imaginative and original, experimenting while searching for pleasure. She believes that a man’s brain is the main erotic organ. She is prone to whispers on the pillow that drive her partner crazy. There are no taboos for her.

Man: Passive, expects his partner to take the initiative. The woman first interests him as a person, and later erotically. He patiently conquers and loves long foreplay. When he reaches excitement, he expresses his passions in an imaginative way. He is attracted to exotic erotic experiments and experiences.

Erogenous zones: They have sensitive ankles – touch them with your tongue, they will lose control.

Ideal sexual partner: Aries, Gemini, Libra.


Woman: Feminine, sensual, intuitive, and romantic. In a coquettish way, it emphasizes women’s charms and attracts men. She dreams of eternal love, which is why she is easily disappointed in her youth. Only when she gains experience she can recognize the Right Lord. She is subject to suggestions in bed. Easily accepts partner suggestions for new poses and unusual experiences. She tries to please her partner and believes that nothing is forbidden in love.

Man: Emotional, unstable, and passionate. He is attracted to change, seduction, and at the same time strives for emotional stability. A dreamer who reads poetry and invites for a walk under the moonlight. When he falls in love he becomes submissive. He is excited by the fantasy of a dominant female mistress.

Erogenous zones: Pisces’ feet are sensitive, caress and love them, you will ignite their imagination.

Ideal sexual partner: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn.