How to make lavender color?
How to make lavender color?

Lavender color is elegant, calming, and beautiful. It brings a note of calm in every space, no matter is it an interior, outfit combination, or painting. Lavender color is also really easy to make if you’re into painting or drawing.  How to make lavender color?

There are essential colors and by mixing them you can get all other colors. The essential (basic) colors are yellow, blue, and red. If you want to get lavender color, you’ll have to mix the same amounts of blue and red. By mixing those two colors, the shade you’ll get is purple. 

You’ll have to brighten purple and make it light to get to desired lavender shade. Gradually dab small amounts of white color to light purple. Add small amounts until you have the shade of lavender you wanted. Also, besides white, you can add yellow or grey tones to get lighter shades of purple. Just experiment and play with colors!

So, the answer to the question of how to make lavender color is to mix blue, red, and white.

Are lavender and purple the same?

Lavender color is often mistaken for purple, but these two colors are not the same. Lavender is a lighter version of purple or light purple with a bluish tone.

Lavender color
A color we refer to as lavender is a color of lavender flower (

When people say lavender color they assume it’s the lavender flower’s color they’re talking about, and that is a light shade of purple, often referred to as medium-purple or purple with a pinkish tone. The term “lavender” refers to many different shades of light purple color.

What is the difference between lilac and lavender?

There are so many tones of purple and it’s easy to understand all the confusion about them. As we mentioned above, the purple color is made by mixing red and blue. To get lavender you’ll need to add some white, but what is lilac then?

Lilac color is pale purple with a pinkish tone, while lavender is pale purple with bluish tones.

Which Colour will go with lavender?

Lavender color is easy to pair – it goes so well with most neutral tones, like white, off-white, beige, smoke, and all tones of gray. Cool neutral shades can often look depressing and dull, but lavender will compliment and revive them.

Lavender can be combined with pink, rose and lilac tones to get a gradient effect. It will make pink tones pop up and bold it, giving relaxing vibes. Chocolate color and light tone of lavender will make a great combination, too, as well as olive and emerald green and turquoise blue.

If you want a lavender to pop up pair it with contrast colors, such as yellow, orange, or red tones. Lavender can be combined with all colors equally successfully, you’ll just have to dosage intensity of its tone.

What does lavender color symbolize?

Lavender belongs to cool colors and it symbolizes purity, devotion, elegance, and love. Shades of purple have always been associated with spirituality, spiritual healing, meditation, purification, removal of tension and stress, soul purification. The gem that represents this color is amethyst which is believed to have all the properties we named.