Best Kinds of Tea for Calming Anxiety
Best Kinds of Tea for Calming Anxiety

Herbs have been recognized ages ago as a powerful natural remedy when people are under tension, feel stressed, nervous, anxious, having troubles with sleeping, etc. Those herbs are valerian, lavender, hawthorn and they make some of the best kinds of tea for calming anxiety.

When we are overwhelmed by fatigue, insomnia, stress, and nervousness, we seek relief and help. Most of us have faced these problems at least once in our lives, and the first thing that comes to mind is a beverage that will relax us. Many people will reach for alcohol, but herbal tea is a lot better solution. The best kinds of tea for calming will remove the tension and put you to sleep.

What is a better solution when we’re stressed – pills or tea?

Circumstances of today’s life radically change our everyday lifestyle. There is an increasing number of those who complain that they are upset or nervous, that they have a problem with sleep, i.e. insomnia and constant fatigue. Psychosomatic diseases are becoming more and more common. Psoriasis, rashes, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, diabetes, anorexia, or obesity are just some of the diseases that are associated with stress and constant nervousness.

Billions of tranquilizers are taken worldwide every year, so experts rightly warn of abuses. Plants are a harmless and healthy option – the most famous is valerian, followed by hawthorn, lemon balm, mint, chamomile, thyme, St. John’s wort, lavender … Most of these plants are prepared as tea, while those rich in essential oils can be used for inhalation and aromatherapy, so they have a more pronounced effect.

Am I feeling stress or anxiety?

Scientists have been able to define the similarities and differences between stress and anxiety. Although they are sometimes difficult to distinguish, stress can be defined as a condition for which we know exactly what causes it and what the causes are. By eliminating the cause, we solve the stress or significantly alleviate it. Anxiety is a condition for which we generally do not know the reasons, it is a fear that you feel, and you are often not aware of why it occurs. Sometimes you think that everything is fine and that there are no specific reasons for fear, but it still occurs periodically and lasts depending on your inner feelings.

Herbal tea will calm you down and make you relax (

Whether you feel stressed or anxious, the best kinds of tea for calming will help you to relax. Let’s take a look what are those:


Valerian is well known as a plant that helps relax, eliminate insomnia, stress, and fear, and has been used for therapeutic purposes for centuries, and valerian-based medicines are now produced in modern pharmacology.

Valerian root is used and can be drunk as tea or in the form of essential oil. Valerian oil has higher concentrated power than tea and a few drops are enough, two to three times a day. You can drink tea as needed, but some recommended doses are up to three cups of tea a day.

Valerian also works slowly, don’t expect all your problems to disappear after one cup of tea. Be patient, when the body creates sufficient reserves of medicinal substances from valerian, you will feel an improvement in your general condition.

Lemon Balm

In addition to valerian, lemon balm is second in importance when it comes to treating nervousness naturally. Lemon balm is a delicious plant that smells and tastes like lemon and is an obligatory ingredient in medicines and tinctures for calming. It is used for arrhythmia, tension, nervousness, fears, and insomnia. You can use it as tea or as a tincture.


Lavender can treat tension, insomnia, nervousness, cramps in muscles, intestines, and stomach. You can also use lavender as tea. You can use the lavender tincture in the preparation of beverages, but also as aromatherapy. This intoxicating, Mediterranean plant relaxes all the senses and has been used for centuries to relieve the effects of nervousness and stress. A Lavender candle next to your bed will help you to fall asleep and provide a night of quality sleep.


Basil is well known as a spice that gives a recognizable taste to the dishes of Italian cuisine, but it is also an exceptional ally in the fight against insomnia and nervousness, and it also serves as an antidepressant. It has an extremely pleasant smell and taste. Basil tea calms the nerves and nervousness in the stomach and intestines. It can be used in the form of essential oil and as aromatherapy.


Mint, elder, primrose, sage, anise, St. John’s wort, are just some of the other herbs that you can use for the same symptoms, to treat stress and nervousness naturally. Mint tea is one of the best tea for calming down and it’s also good for your stomach. Next time when you feel nervous, anxious, or stressed, don’t go after your medication cabinet – try to relax with a nice hot cup of herbal tea.