Is chili a good ingredient for lip plumping?
Is chili a good ingredient for lip plumping?

If we made a little survey among women and ask them are they satisfy with the size and shape of their lips, we believe the percentage of women who would say yes is small. All women want sensual and plump lips. The fullness of the lips gives a youthful and fresh look. And it’s easier to do makeup when you don’t have to overdraw your thin lips and hope it looks natural (plot twist – it doesn’t! It never does!)

Today there are many options for lip enlargement and they all include injecting some chemical substances into your lips. It’s usually hyaluronic acid, which attracts water and locks it down, so the lips get a plumper look. Hyaluronic acid is a safe way to go, it’s harmless, unlike the biopolymers, which are forbidden in most countries today. But what if you’re afraid of injections? Is there a natural way to enlarge your lips?

Chili is an excellent ingredient for lip plumping. Effects of chili will be temporary, but visible in just a few moments.

How does chili plump lips?

Chili contains an ingredient called capsaicin. That’s the chemical that gives the chili a recognizable spicy taste. When capsaicin in chili comes in touch with the soft tissue of lips, it will cause swelling and your lips will look fuller and plumper. Keep in mind that although chili is a natural and inexpensive way to enlarge your lips, you shouldn’t exaggerate even with natural products. Overuse of chili lip balm could irritate tender skin of your lips and you could end up with peeled lips or even in the worst-case scenario – ulcers!

Do not exaggerate while using chili balm for lip enlargement (

How to use chili for lip plumping?

The recipe is simple and you’ll forget about the idea of lip injections once you try it. You can make chili lip balm at home, just prepare the following:


  • Tube of lip balm you prefer
  • Ground ginger
  • Ground red chili peppers
  • 1 to 2 drops of peppermint essential oil


Melt your lip balm and add ground ginger and chili peppers only on top of a teaspoon. A small amount of these spices will go a long way, so don’t exaggerate. Stir well and allow to cool. When the lip balm hardens it’s time to add the peppermint essential oil. Place in the bowl you want to use for your balm and wait for it to completely harden. There is no need to keep this chili balm in the refrigerator – take it with you wherever you go and use it when you need fuller lips.

You can use the same recipe with vaseline, bee vax, lipgloss, or lipstick if you want to. Be sure to melt lipstick previously and prepare a little container in which you will keep your chili lippie.

Is the tingling sensation that chili causes normal?

After you put chili balm on your lips you will feel the heat or tingling sensation even more than you would when you eat chili in your food. When you bite your food that contains chili, it doesn’t remain on your lips as long as when you put it as a balm. 

Your lips could also change color – they will turn red. Don’t worry it’s just the blood rush. Chili increases blood circulation and that’s the main reason your lips will be wonderfully full and pout.