How to keep hair from curling in humidity?
How to keep hair from curling in humidity?

Autumn, every day rain and humidity bring a melancholic mood to many people, but to women, there is another headache. We all know the time and money women all over the world invest into hair care. Yes, hair is big deal to almost every woman. What is the worst enemy of a perfect hairstyle? You guess – humidity.

Hair tends to curl and become all frizzy when it’s exposed to humid air. It doesn’t matter how much you blow-dry it or styles it, humidity simply causes those treacherous curls to appear. Is there a way to keep hair from curling in humidity, that doesn’t include wearing a showering cap to the public? Yes, of course, there is. 

Keep reading to find out how to keep hair from curling in humidity.

Right hair products can keep hair from curling in humidity

High humidity in the air causes problems with the appearance of your hair, especially if it’s dry. Dry hair absorbs moisture from the air and becomes unmanageable, doubling its size. Naturally, curly hair becomes unruly, and straight hair looks lifeless. This is why your dry hair needs a deep-acting conditioner that nourishes the hair from the inside.

A silicone-based conditioner prevents your hair from drying out. In the fight against moisture, the best ally is a silicone-based conditioner. Like cold water, a silicone-based conditioner “locks” the natural moisture in the hair and prevents moisture from the air from spoiling your hairstyle. However, you should not exaggerate when using this kind of product, because otherwise, your hair will seem heavy and lifeless. Just apply a coin-sized amount of conditioner.

After shampooing and conditioning, you should rinse your hair with cold water. It will soothe the hair, prevent it from drying out and restore the hair’s shine. The hair will retain its natural moisture, so it will not absorb humidity from the air.

To keep hair from curling in humidity you could also use leave-in conditioners, at least once a week. Leave-in conditioners usually contain keratin that builds hair, proteins that restore hair structure, and glycerin that moisturizes and feeds your hair.

Avoid hot styling tools to keep hair from curling in humidity

The hair dryer should be avoided as much as possible, even during the warm part of the year. Blow dryer literally dries the hair, so it curls more easily under the influence of humidity from the air. It is better to dry your hair naturally and as often as possible. If you have to use a blow dryer, use it on the lowest setting and keep it properly distanced from your hair. This will prevent the hair from breaking, which means that shorter hairs will not stick out of the hairstyle.

Heat-based hair straighteners and hair curlers are even worse than blow dryers when it comes to the damage they make. These tools work at really high temperatures so they could easily straighten or curl your hair. If your hair is in addition chemically treated, you’ll end up with dry-out lifeless hair that will easily frizz in wet and cold weather.

Long hair is more resistant to humidity than a short one

Long hair behaves better in wet conditions than short one does. Long hair is much heavier than short hair and that weight prevents it from lifting. When in a hurry, unruly hair can be tamed by a braid or ponytail. Apart from being easy to make in no time, these hairstyles, in a slightly messy style, have not left the catwalks and city streets for years.