How long should you use retinoids to remove wrinkles?
How long should you use retinoids to remove wrinkles?

Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives, the same as retinol, but those two substances aren’t the same. The term retinoids include all vitamin A derivatives, including retinol, retinaldehyde, retinol esters, which are ingredients in many anti-aging products.

The retinoids also include tretinoin, adapalene, tazarotene, which are used to treat acne and pimples, but they can be bought only with a prescription!

It is important to know that retinoids can help fight various facial skin problems. They affect all types of wrinkles, discoloration of the skin, pimples, and acne, as well as overall facial care. But they must also be handled carefully. It would be best to get advice from a skin care professional before you start to use retinoids!

How to use retinoids to remove wrinkles?

If you use retinoids in order to remove or soothe wrinkles, you should know that for retinoids persistency and consistency are most important. 

Start with the lowest concentration available on the market, and then gradually increase it. Retinoids are used as part of a nightly facial care routine. So, when you clean your face in the evening, apply serum and night cream. Give them some time to soak up, and then apply a product that contains retinoids. 

If you use retinoid oil, keep in mind that it always comes last. If you use a cream with retinoids, you can apply a face care oil after it. Always use a moisturizer, emulsion, serum, or face cream before applying the retinoid, as they can dry out the facial skin.

It is important that you never combine two or more products that contain retinoids. Allow your face to gradually get used to retinoids – do not use them every night, but start twice a week, and as skin tolerance grows, you can apply them 3 times a week. Switch to a higher concentration after at least one month of using the initial concentration.

SPF protection when using retinoids is mandatory!

How long should you use retinoids to remove wrinkles?

If you’re using retinoids to remove wrinkles, as a part of your skincare routine, you’ll see the real results after approximately 2-3 months of regular use. Your skin should be smoother and wrinkles less deep and less visible. Also, your skin should be clean of all impurities (pimples, blackheads).

Increased sensitivity to UV rays applies to all skin types. It is important to note that due to the increased photosensitivity of the skin during the use of retinoids, pigmented spots can appear, so it is necessary to use a protective factor (minimum SPF 30 – or even better SPF 50) during the day. Retinoids are recommended mainly as part of night care.

Can retinoids be used during pregnancy?

Retinoids are by no means recommended in pregnancy! This is so important to emphasize because the side effects are huge!

There are a number of problems and phenomena that occur due to retinoid therapy in pregnancy, and they all relate to the fetus. Unfortunately, there are physical and neurological disorders of the fetus that usually end fatally. Isolated retinoids should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding!

They should not be used while planning a pregnancy in this regard, because they can impair the probability of pregnancy and later fetal development if pregnancy occurs.

Retinoids are very debatable elements that must be used carefully even in strictly controlled conditions! Sometimes the consequences are not only visible on the skin of the user, but they can also cause damage to the kidneys, liver, and in some places, they can even be associated with hearing loss.

The risks that some isolated retinoids carry with them are great and very certain, so it would be best to avoid them if possible!