Have you ever wondered how to induce sleep paralysis? Or how to stop it? If so, continue reading because in this article, we will delve a bit deeper into the matter of sleep paralysis and what causes this phenomenon.

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What is Sleep Paralysis?

It’s a phenomenon that occurs just before falling asleep or immediately after awakening. This phenomenon is accompanied by total body paralysis, while the eyes are most often mobile. In this state, it often happens that we feel someone’s presence, but we can’t talk or scream. We get a feeling of panic and fear, and then all this disappears after a few minutes. We can detect several stages of sleep: it begins from stage 1 and passes the second, third and fourth stage until the sleep reaches the REM phase. After that, the cycle begins again. During some stages, our body moves but in other stages the extremities are immobile. Sleep paralysis happens in the REM stage.

Types of Hallucinations During Sleep Paralysis

People experience three basic types of hallucinations during this type of paralysis:

  1. Someone else’s presence
  2. A pressure on the chest, sometimes accompanied by physical or sexual attacks
  3. The experience of levitation, or the feeling of being outside of our own body

Why Does Sleep Paralysis Occur?

Experts find this to be quite common and normal, and most people experience it at least once in their life. Some people experience something like a waking nightmare and they remember it while others don’t experience any stress so they don’t have a memory of it at all.
These are the causes of sleep paralysis:

  • Stress
  • Frequent travels
  • Sudden changes of daily routine
  • Chronic sleep deprivation
  • Narcolepsy

People who experience this phenomenon often associate it with psychopathology. They often feel as if they are losing their minds and they are afraid to confide in someone or try to research their experience. But don’t worry, you are completely normal. As a matter of fact, this phenomenon has absolutely nothing to do with paranormal phenomena.


Since this phenomenon is very frequent and challenging for many people, science has developed several ways to help keep the situation under control:

  • You must understand that the whole situation happens in your head and you’re not really physically threatened
  • Learn to recognize the symptoms so that you can protect yourself from panic in case paralysis recurs
  • Try to blink, this will speed up the awakening process
  • Focus on breathing
  • Take care of your healthy
  • Do not sleep on your back
  • Explore what triggers your sleep paralysis
  • Consider psychotherapy in case this phenomenon is caused by anxiety, panic attacks, or overwhelming stress


Sleep paralysis can be a nightmare. Therefore, it is best to arm yourself with knowledge and prepare for what’s coming in order to prevent losing your mind.