Can two glasses of wine a day cause liver damage?
Can two glasses of wine a day cause liver damage?

The wine was through history considered as a drink of Gods, as its benefits are well known since ancient times. Wine, especially red, is rich in antioxidants, lowers bad cholesterol, regulates blood sugar and pressure. In addition to all the above, wine keeps the heart healthy and minimizes the risk of all types of cancer. 

Of course, all these benefits can be applied if a person enjoys wine moderately. Exaggeration in alcoholic beverages can never be good, even if we speak of wine, which is considered to be healthy. Drinking too much wine can cause serious health issues, and that’s why we’re today talking about the right amount of wine per day.

Can one glass of wine affect the liver and cause problems?

Moderate consumption of wine, defined as one glass a day, can be beneficial for the whole human organism. One glass per day is safe for the liver and it also decreases the possibility of non-alcoholic liver disease (NAFLD). 

Researches have shown that people who drank one glass (150 ml) of red wine daily had a half smaller risk of this NAFLD disease compared to people who didn’t consume wine at all. Also, research had compared wine drinking with consumption of other sorts of liquor (such as beer, whiskey, vodka, etc) – it showed that individuals who drink other types of liquor (also moderately) had 4 times bigger odds to have NAFLD.

Does that mean that you can enjoy more than one glass of wine daily? Let’s find out.

Can two glasses of wine a day cause liver damage?

Yes. Moderate consumption of wine is considered to be one glass a day. All more than that can lead to serious liver problems. 

Besides liver cirrhosis damage, excessive drinking of more than two glasses of wine daily can cause alcohol dependence, increased risk of depression, weight gain, and obesity, bigger risk of sudden death, and various other diseases. 

The amount of alcohol that can cause health issues varies from person to person – their age, weight, and entire health, but people who drink 80 grams of alcohol a day for five years are at great risk of liver inflammation that causes alcoholic hepatitis.

How much wine is recommended to drink daily?

Now that we have answered can two glasses of wine a day cause liver damage, let’s see how much wine is safe to drink. Recent studies have shown that women should be drinking one to one and a half glasses of wine a day (150 ml), while men can relax a bit more and drink one to two glasses a day (300 ml). Also, it is highly recommended for both, women and men, to have at least one or two days a week without any alcohol.

Wine can be really beneficial if you drink it moderately, followed by a healthy diet. In that case, you could experience some of its advantages, such as improved mental health, the health of your heart, and decreased inflammation processes in your body.

Excessive wine consumption could cause negative health outcomes. 1 in 10 adults dies due to excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages. Too much alcohol can poses heart risks, risk of diabetes, cancer, liver and pancreas diseases.

If you’re not a fan of wine, you don’t need to start drinking it just because of its health benefits. A well-balanced diet and active lifestyle should provide you with an equal amount of nutritious substances that will keep your health and longevity.