Can You Eat After a Filling?
Can You Eat After a Filling?

Can you eat after a filling or should you wait a few hours? Let’s find out!

Nowadays, there is almost no person who does not have at least one tooth filling. Depending on the way of life, genetics, and oral hygiene, caries can appear on our teeth, which leads to tooth decay. That is why it is important to visit the dentist regularly and remove caries in time so that it does not spread. 

A filling or dental filling is placed after the repair of a tooth damaged by caries, in order to restore its normal function and shape. Filling, in addition to closing the space in the tooth, prevents the penetration of bacteria into it. It also helps prevent the recurrence of caries and their spread. Materials used for sealing include gold, porcelain, composite fillings (white fillings), and amalgam (black fillings).

Assuming you had a procedure of tooth filling, you were probably wondering can you eat after a filling or should you wait and how long? The answer depends on the type of filling you got. After some sort of filling, you can eat as soon as you leave the dental office and with some other fillings, you’ll need to wait for your first meal.

How long do you have to wait to eat after a filling?

After filling the teeth with composite filling (white filling), there is no need for any restrictive measures regarding biting and chewing – you can eat or drink a minute after. White fillings are completely light-bound so that after leaving the office, the filling is ready for use. 

If you notice increased pressure on the tooth on which the filling was placed during chewing, it is necessary to contact the dentist. If your tooth is filled under local anesthesia, it is advised not to consume food until the anesthesia has stopped in order to avoid injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth.

Can you eat after a filling
Can you eat after a filling? If you had a white filling, yes, you can eat immediately (

After filling the teeth with amalgam filling (black filling), which is very durable and long-lasting, you should not consume food for two hours in order for the material to harden optimally.

What can I eat after tooth filling?

You can eat almost immediately after tooth filling, but choose soft food, such as mashed potatoes, yams, yogurts, puddings, smoothies, soft baked goods, soups, pasta. Those kinds of food do not require biting and chewing, so you’ll prevent injuries.

In order to reduce sensitivity and protect your filling right after the procedure, refrain from hard, sweetened, chewy, crunchy, or sticky food. If you crave candies choose sugar-free options. Avoid chewing gums, chips, granola, all kinds of nuts, crunchy chocolates, hard bread, chewy pizza dough, caramels, ice, or any other kind of food that requires a strong bite and a lot of chewing.

It’s recommendable to prepare filling-friendly food in advance, so you don’t come to the temptation to eat something crunchy or hard, simply as you don’t have soft foods.

Can I eat a burger after a filling?

If you had a composite (white) filling you can eat a burger immediately after the procedure if you’d like to. If you had amalgam (silver or black) filling you should wait 24 hours before eating hard food that requires a lot of chewing and you shouldn’t be chewing directly on the filling. Stick to soft foods, such as we mentioned above.