One of the easiest ways to make yourself feel and look better is through your stomach. Eating superfoods that contains more nutrients than most, can help your body and you soul. As Jamie Oliver says – Our job is to educate about food, where it comes from and how it affects our body. So, here is a list of easy-to-come-by superfoods and their benefits.

  1. Onion
  • Protects and strengthens damaged cells.
  • Raises the good cholesterol, and lowers high blood pressure
  • Helps to thin the blood, keeping those blood clots away.It’s very easy to include onions to your everyday meals. Add them to your salad or to your scrambled eggs, or cook it whole with your meat, or simply eat it raw, as a side dish.
  1. Garlic
  • Enlarges the number of white cells, helping the immune system.
  • Slows down the growth of harmful bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Fresh garlic is a good natural antibiotic.
  • Lowers the harmful levels of cholesterol and high blood pressure.garlic superfoodFresh garlic is a good natural antibiotic. Just like onions, add them to a salad, or make mash garlic as a side dish. It’s simple to add and it keeps our everyday battles easier to conker.


  1. Eggs
  • Full of high-quality proteins, minerals and vitamins – vitamin B12, vitamin C, and vitamin K (it contains 1/3 of the daily recommended amount for women).We do eat a lot of eggs, but we definitely need more. It contains 1/3 of the daily recommended amount of vitamin K for women.
  1. Sardines
  • High in omega-3 oils
  • Full of minerals
  • Rich with vitamin BMix it with your salad, eat it with toast, serve with eggs, or use as a spread combined with mustard and apple cider vinegar.
  1. Cinnamon
  • Helps with urinary tract infections
  • Sooths the stomach
  • Improves brain function

Cinnamon was once the most valuable spice and was often traded at a more valuable rate than gold in days gone by. You could add it to your tea, or coffee, or sprinkle it over your favorite cake!

  1. Walnuts
  • Great for improving mood- contains serotonin (happy hormone)
  • Can help you tolerate stress.

Walnuts superfoodWalnuts are the perfect snack. Mix them with honey and have a little treat that will go a long way for your body and soul.

  1. Spinach
  • Great source of iron
  • Fuels your muscles with oxygen for energy.
  • Increase the efficiency of our mitochondria

Make a soup of it, or a pasta souse, or just eat it with your eggs in the morning.

  1. Strawberries
  • Repairs damaged skin
  • Packed with vitamin C
  • Gets rid of dryness and wrinkles.

Besides making it into a smoothie or eating it for dessert, you can even make them in a homemade facial. The antioxidant and the natural exfoliant they contain give amazing results!

  1. Blueberries
  • Great for memory and learning.
  • Increases signals among brain cells
  • Improves brain cell resilienceBlueberry superfoodAnother fruit that is super healthy for you, are blueberries. Keep them near and snack on them. Wait and see the results!


  1. Beans
  • Lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of cancer
  • Full of iron
  • Packed with proteinsA great thing about beans, beside them taking care about your heart and blood vessels, they’re cheap! Just add them to soups, salads, stews, and more.

If you are eager to add them to your dish, here is an easy recipe from Jamie Oliver. Give it a go!

Baked eggs in popped beans

Keyword Beans, Eggs
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 2 people
Calories 399 kcal
Author Jamie Oliver


  • 250 g mixed-colour ripe cherry tomatoes
  • ½ a lemon
  • olive oil extra virgin
  • 4 sprigs of fresh basil
  • 1 400 g tin of cannellini beans
  • 1 good pinch of fennel seeds
  • 2 large free-range eggs
  • 2 slices seeded wholemeal bread
  • 2 heaped teaspoons ricotta cheese


Halve the tomatoes, place in a bowl and toss with the lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of oil and a pinch of sea salt. Pick, tear and toss in the basil leaves, then leave aside.

Place a large non-stick frying pan on a high heat.

Drain the beans and put into the hot pan with the fennel seeds and a pinch of black pepper. Leave for 5 minutes, shaking occasionally.

Pour the macerated tomatoes into the pan with 100ml of water, season, then leave to bubble for 1 minute.

Crack in an egg on each side, then cover it, reduce to a medium-low heat and slow-cook for 3 to 4 minutes for nice soft eggs.

Toast the bread.

Divide the ricotta and spread over the two pieces of hot toast, then serve on the side of the baked eggs in beans.

Sprinkle the reserved baby basil leaves over the top and tuck right in.



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