What to Dip in Chocolate Fondue?
What to Dip in Chocolate Fondue?

Chocolate fountains are a popular choice for many celebrations, but also when you have a sweet tooth home alone or with friends and family. When you’re making chocolate fountain or chocolate fondue, besides quality melted chocolate, you’ll need something to dip into the chocolate. What to dip in chocolate fondue?

When you’re making chocolate fondue, it’s the best idea to use the most quality chocolate there is. For example, Belgian chocolate would be a perfect choice – it has the perfect texture and it melts really fast at low temperatures, so the sugar it contains won’t burn during melting.

For best results mix semi-sweet and milk chocolate. Use real chocolate bars and not chocolate chips, as they tend to harden sooner. Keep in mind that chocolate chips aren’t the real chocolate, but have additional ingredients. For chocolate fondue you want a real thing – don’t make a compromise on its taste. In addition to chocolate, you’ll need some whole milk, a tablespoon or two melted butter, a bit of vanilla, and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Make sure that the chocolate fountain or any other dish you use is free of water before you pour melted chocolate into it. Water drops could make melted chocolate clumpy and ruin its texture.

Now that we know how to make chocolate fondue, let’s see what to dip in chocolate fondue? Maybe it’s better to question what not to dip in it because there are so many foods that go perfectly with melted chocolate! The first choice that comes to our mind is fruit.

What fruit is good dipped in chocolate?

Fruit is sweet and mostly has a crispy texture when it’s fresh, so it’s an obvious choice to dip in chocolate fondue. Don’t limit yourself just to strawberries, even we agree they go so well with all kinds of chocolate. Try apple slices or cubes, raspberries, oranges, bananas, seedless grapes, kiwi, fresh pineapple. All fruit that is sweet or tart will go perfectly with your chocolate fondue.

Chocolate fondue
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Dried fruit is equally good when dipped in chocolate – for example, try with dried figs, dried apricots, or dried plums. Chocolate will accent their already sweet and balmy taste.

What sweets can be dipped in chocolate?

If you want to try something new, besides the fruits, which are a logical choice, cause they’re not too sweet, you can try store-bought sweets. Some of them are already full of sugar, but why not.

Try marshmallows, fudge, donuts, or profiteroles cut into smaller pieces, all kinds of biscuits, cookies, Turkish delight in all flavors (vanilla, rose, nut), Oreos, pirouettes, girl scout cookies, meringues, chocolate brownies, honeycombs, etc.

Can you dip salty food in chocolate?

Salty and sweet tastes go so well when combined. Some people do not prefer this combination, while some adore it – if you didn’t already give it a try and see how you like it.

Try to dip cheddar cheese in chocolate fondue, for example. Try pretzels, tortilla chips, crisps, chili peppers, or peperami. Experimenting with different flavors will give you the chance to find out your own personal best combination. Enjoy!