What candy can you eat with braces?
What candy can you eat with braces?

Are you wearing braces? Have you ever wondered what candy can you eat with braces?

Wearing braces is often the first step towards getting the smile you always wanted, and also for some people, that’s the only step that is left to get beautiful, straight teeth. Just imagine putting in all your efforts in wearing braces, and then not knowingly doing the things that worsen the condition of your teeth. For example, you eat food that causes caries or it can harm you in some other way.

Maintaining daily oral hygiene can reduce the risk of tooth decay to a great extent, but it is still important to know which foods you should avoid or you can use but very carefully. If you wonder what candy can you eat with braces, pay special attention to these foods to make sure that braces will not do more harm than good in your case.

What candies are safe to eat with braces?

Good news – there are candies that you can eat freely, although you wear braces they won’t cause damage to the wires and brackets. Some of them are chocolate bars – dark, milk or white, gelatine-based sweets, ice creams, smoothies, cookies, crackers, candy-bars (for example Kit-Kat), most of the fruits.

Kit-Kat chocolate bars are soft enough to chew and they won’t make any damage to your braces. Also, it’s less likely they’ll cause cavities than all the other candies. All the chocolates should be safe to eat, as long as they do not contain caramel, toffee, or nuts.

Keep in mind to choose soft candies, that melt in your mouth. If you’re eating chocolate, don’t go for a hard one, pick the one that is soft to bite and chew. You can eat cookies as much as you want, as long as they’re not tough – in that case cookies (and all hard candies) can bend the wires of your braces. Don’t go for caramelized apples, since they can be hard to bite. Take a regular apple and dip it in caramel sauce if you crave it. Also, sugar-free gums and sweets that contain xylitol instead of sugar are the best things you can do for your teeth, as they are not sweet, sticky, and chewy.

What candy you shouldn’t eat with braces?

Now that you know what candy can you eat with braces, is time to learn what candies are no go. There are certain candies that you should avoid while you’re wearing braces. Those are hard candies, sticky and chewy candies, all the candies that contain nuts, bubble gums, sour candies, licorice, caramels, and candies that contain cereals. Unfortunately, popular candies, such as Skittles, Tootsie Rolls, and M&M’s belong to this list. 

Yes, we know they are almost impossible to resist, but small particles of these sweets can slip under the wires of the braces and cause damage. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it is that the candy can stick to your teeth and stay there, increasing the risk of cavities by staying under the braces and making it harder to clean your teeth. Also, fruit-based candies contain a big amount of acid that can damage your enamel and cause tooth decay.

Tip: After eating any kind of candies, take care of your oral hygiene, especially if you’re wearing braces. If you bent a wire of your braces or one of the brackets fall off, contact your orthodontist as soon as you can, to prevent more damage.