Why Laundry Doesn’t Smell Like Fabric Softener?
Why Laundry Doesn’t Smell Like Fabric Softener?

We think we know everything about laundry, but we often miss some things. There seems to be no easier job than washing clothes in the washing machine. However, even this trivial business has many more “traps” than you could have imagined. 

You sort clothes, choose the right detergent and fabric softener, and still, sometimes, your freshly washed laundry doesn’t smell nice and fresh but stale and moldy. Why does this happen? Why laundry doesn’t smell like fabric softener?

Here is the list of potential reasons why laundry doesn’t smell like fabric softener:

You choose the wrong washing machine temperature

Clothes will keep their shape and color longer and wear out more slowly if you wash them at lower temperatures. In addition, mild-warm or cold water can handle dirt just as much as hot water, if you have a good washing machine and proper laundry detergent. Only items such as bedding or towels should be washed at 90° C for disinfection. Everything else can be washed at lower temperatures.

Too much detergent or fabric softener

Excess detergent can clog the laundry detergent container and cause an unpleasant odor, and too much fabric softener makes clothes harder to wash. Carefully read the doses listed on the package and do not forget to use a measuring cup. If your things are very dirty, use another method of washing or run two cycles.

Using fabric softener for all clothing

In addition to making the fabric velvety, the fabric softener makes ironing easier. However, the absorption of the fabric decreases over time, so it is better not to use it for washing towels, sportswear, or other items made of microfiber, elastic, or spandex.

Excessive washing of jeans

The jeans producers have a radical opinion on this point: they advise you to give up machine washing and wash your jeans manually in order to preserve the color longer. If you are not ready to follow this recommendation, the optimal interval between two washes is a period of 2 to 6 months, depending on how often you wear jeans and the individual characteristics of your body.

Wrong drying

Improper drying affects your clothes unfavorably as well as improper washing. Here are some tips to help you avoid mistakes:

  • Do not use automatic drying too often: it makes your belongings worn out and it fades colors faster. Do not use it on dry and sensitive fabrics.
  • Do not hang knitted and woolen items while drying, as they will lose their shape. Dry them on a towel on a horizontal surface.
  • Before hanging the laundry, shake it to prevent creasing.

Poor maintenance of the washing machine

Dirt, detergent leftovers, and everything that accumulates in the machine over time will sooner or later get on your clothes, which will lead to bad smells and white stains. To prevent this, follow a few simple maintenance rules:

  • Empty the washing machine after each wash.
  • After each wash, remove the remaining detergent from the rubber on the door.
  • Wash and dry the detergent compartment regularly.
  • Once a month, start the machine “empty” with detergent and vinegar for disinfection.