How Much Chocolate Can Kill a Dog?
How Much Chocolate Can Kill a Dog?

Dogs are human’s best friends and it’s no wonder that you want to share with your beloved pet all the tasty treats you eat, but don’t forget that some of the human foods are extremely poisonous for dogs. Sadly, chocolate is one of the foods your dog shouldn’t be eating and we’re sure if you’re an owner of a dog, you already know this information, but how much chocolate can kill a dog?

Even though your dog looks at you with sad eyes when you eat chocolate, still don’t give in and give him a piece, because that can cause fatal consequences for your dog. 

How much chocolate can kill a dog?

Depending on the type of chocolate, it can take only 0.3 ounces of dark chocolate per pound of dog’s body weight to kill him. Milder types of chocolate, such as milk or white chocolate, can take 0.5 to 2 ounces per one pound of boy weight to kill a dog.

Cocoa powder and cooking chocolate are the most toxic type of chocolates to a dog. A dog weighing 5 pounds can get seriously ill if it eats a quarter of a pack of 9-ounce cocoa powder or half of the 9-ounce cooking chocolate. These two foods contain 10 times more theobromine than milk chocolate. Therefore, a chocolate cake can pose a major health risk for a small dog. Even licking the chocolate topping off the cake can make your dog feel sick.

Dark chocolate is the next most dangerous form, while milk chocolate is the least dangerous. A dog must eat more than 9-ounce of milk chocolate to get sick. And, obviously, the smaller the dog, the smaller the amount that leads to the disease.

How quickly will chocolate affect a dog?

Chocolate contains a lot of sugar, fats, and most dangerous, theobromine, a substance that is a pacemaker and a diuretic.

How Much Chocolate Can Kill a Dog
It can be hard to resist these eyes but keep in mind that you’re not doing a favor to your dog by giving him chocolate (

When a dog eats too much chocolate, he can become excited and hyperactive. Due to its diuretic effect, theobromine can cause increased urination as well as increased thirst. Vomiting and diarrhea are also common, but the most dangerous is the effect that theobromine has on the heart. Theobromine may increase the heart rate, or it will lead to arrhythmia. 

A fatal outcome is possible, especially in dogs that are active at that time (running, playing, etc.). After their pet has eaten a larger amount of chocolate, many owners will think that it is nothing to them. However, the signs of health problems can remain hidden for several hours to a day.

Does chocolate kill dogs instantly?

In most cases no. A dog should eat an incredibly large amount of chocolate to die instantly. As we mentioned, the first symptoms of chocolate poisoning can be evident after 6 to 12 hours of chocolate consumption. 

If a dog eats a smaller amount of chocolate he can get thru with smaller digestive problems, but if you notice that your dog ate a bigger amount of chocolate the best thing you can do is to induce him to vomit, before any signs that his health is endangered. Use hydrogen peroxide, one teaspoon for every 10 pounds of dog’s weight (2 teaspoons for 20 pounds weight dog). After your dog vomits, take him to the vet!