How to Clean Lamp Shades?
How to Clean Lamp Shades?

Like many objects in the house, lamp shades undergo the whims of passing times, and with it the dust that voluntarily settles on its surface bathed in light. How to clean lamp shades? It doesn’t matter if your lamp shade is made out of fabric, steel, or plastic: we’ll give you the best recipes to thoroughly clean your lamp shades. Just don’t forget to clean them regularly, so your lamp looks as good as new for many decades.

How do you clean a lampshade without ruining it?

You want to clean your lamp shade safely and not ruin it, of course. First of all, turn off your lamp and let it cool completely before you start cleaning. This advice goes for cleaning all kinds of lamp shades. Remove as much dust as you can – use a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, or soft brush. Once you remove all the dust, you’ll easier clean all other impurities.

Beneath we prepared advice on how to clean lamp shades made out of all kinds of materials, but one piece of advice is universal – never soak in water lamp shade made out of fabric or cardboard, or else you’ll ruin it. Also do not dry lamp shades using heat-involved methods. Lamp shades are usually glued, heat could unglue fabric and wires.

How to Clean Lamp Shades?
How to clean lamp shades without ruining them? (

How to clean lamp shades made of fabric?

For deep cleaning, first, remove the shade from the foot to remove the bulb and secure it from the outlet. Then wash it with water soapy water and a soft-bristle brush. Be careful not to allow it to get wet to prevent water from damaging the inner frame and dry it well before replacing it. 

How do you clean lamp shades made of aluminum?

For easy cleaning, you need a few tablespoons of bicarbonate diluted in soapy water, which should be applied with a sponge before rinsing. If the aluminum has stains, the miracle recipe is sea salt, hot vinegar, and a drop of oil. The whole unit makes a leg that is rubbed with laundry with a shade. It is dried with a microfiber cloth or chamois leather – which is often used in mechanics, but also in drawing, to erase the blows of charcoal.

How do you clean lamp shades made of paper or cardboard?

Like paper, paper lamp shades must be dusted regularly – and for that job, a hairdryer is your best ally. Classic stains will be easily removed with a soft eraser or – surprisingly – bread crumbs! A good grandma trick to overcome some traces of the time he left. 

How do you clean lamp shades made of stainless steel?

Stainless steel is simply to wash with soapy water, just make sure it dries quickly to avoid moisture stains. Dry it with a microfiber cloth for best results. When the lampshade is dry, we can pass through a cloth soaked in a mixture of table oil and ash of the cigarette. This surprising mixture maintains the steel and protects it. For a flawless shine, we finish polishing all of our familiar chamois skin.

How do you clean glass lamp shades?

Warm water and dishwashing liquid are sufficient for proper cleaning of glass or plastic lamp shades. Glass cleaners also work, but if you want to overcome long-lasting dirt, a few drops of alcohol on the fabric will do the job perfectly. These tips also serve to shade the lamps in opal or rhodoid.